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Berger Paints Automotive Division Product Data
1 Berger Paints Automotive Division Product Data 
New Zealand Berger Industrial and Automotive Paints Softcover Good 
20 approx pages 
Price: 5.00 NZD
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Car Body Repairs (2nd Edition)
2 Car Body Repairs (2nd Edition) 
Gregory's Automotive Publications New 
Car Body Repairs (2nd Edition)Car Body Repairs enlightens the car owner and restorer in the basics of panel repair and spray painting. The manual contains sections explaining panel beating, paint re-finishing, rust repairs, basics of welding, plastic body filler, body components and accessories, vehicle maintenance and rust prevention; Gregorys Workshop Manuals; A4; Gregorys Workshop Manuals; A4 
Price: 39.95 NZD
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Chassis & Suspension Handbook.
3 Chassis & Suspension Handbook. 
HP Books New 
Chassis & suspension modifications for Chevy, Ford, Jeep & Dodge trucks. Includes sections on lift kits, shocks, springs, chassis modifications for off-road use, tyres and wheels.; Vol. 1406; A4 
Price: 69.95 NZD
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Fibreglass & Other Composite Materials Handbook
4 Fibreglass & Other Composite Materials Handbook 
HP Books New 
A guide to high performance non-metalic materials for race cars, street rods, body shops, boats and aircraft. This revised and updated edition covers fibres and fibre forms, lay-up techniques, moulds and plugs, carbon fibre and kevlar, repairs and structures & materials.; Vol. 1239; A4 
Price: 69.95 NZD
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Metal Fabricators Handbook
5 Metal Fabricators Handbook 
HP Books New 
How to build structurally sound, good looking metal parts for race cars, custom rods & restoration. ; Vol. 709; A4 
Price: 69.95 NZD
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Spray Painting, Probert, Al
6 Spray Painting Probert, Al
U.K. Rellim Pty Ltd New 
Al Probert's Spray Painting provides comprehensive information on the theory and practice of spray painting motor vehicles. Al's wealth of knowledge, gained over many years in the industry, is imparted in an easy-to-follow, well-illustrated format. Whether a tradesman, student or enthusiast, this book will be an invaluable aid in achieving quality results. Features: * Spray painting history * Work area and safety * Spray guns maintenance and use * Compressors, regulators and hoses * Spray booths * Surface preparation * Masking, priming, putties and sanding * Applying acrylic and enamel lacquers * Spraying metallic finishes * Faults in paint application * Low baking and force drying paint * Colour matching and detailing * Painting other surfaces * Custom and decorative finishes * Workshop practices * Basic panel beating ; A4; 140 pages 
Price: 79.95 NZD
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Stock Car (Saloon) Race Preparation
7 Stock Car (Saloon) Race Preparation 
MBI Publishing Co New 
Stock Car (Saloon) Race Preparation. How to race-prepare your car. Over 200 technical step by step illustrations.; A4 
Price: 49.95 NZD
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Suspension, Steering and Driveline Manual
8 Suspension, Steering and Driveline Manual 
England Haynes Publishing New 
Covers common US suspension, steering and driveline systems. Including overhauls of differentials and drive axles. Covers front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles, maintenance, repair and replacement of all major components, performance modifications, complete front-end rebuild, shock absorber and strut replacement, driveaxle and boot replacement, complete wheel alignment specifications, tools and equipment, glossary of terms, and how to improve your vehicle's ride and handling. Everything you need to know to successfully maintain and repair your suspension, steering and driveline systems. PLEASE NOTE that these manuals are written in the USA and apply specifically to the vehicles and systems found in that market. Although they are useful when the products or systems are similar to those in other markets, there may still be significant differences, especially in areas concerned with safety and emission control. ; Haynes Techbook; Vol. 10345; A4 
Price: 69.95 NZD
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The Street Rodders' Handbook
9 The Street Rodders' Handbook 
HP Books New 
Comprehensive info on early street rods, drum & disc brakes, custom interiors, paint, full fendered sedans engines, transmissions, drivelines & suspension. Master rodder and writer Frank Oddo has completely revised and updated his classic best-selling Hp Book (HP693) to include all-new information on how to choose the right street rod and outfit it with the right components.; Vol. 1409; A4 
Price: 69.95 NZD
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DML is CLOSED due to reorganisation. We will not be taking any orders until March 2019.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

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